Pioneers, since 2003 in the electric bike market, we have always invested in technology and research. At the forefront of technology, we have filed several patents since 2016 and have projects in progress. Each model has been designed by our design office located in La Flèche and tested by our engineers passionate about the product. NEOMOUV is the design of a bike from engineering to after-sales service.

NEOASSIST 2 engine

With our expertise in electric bikes since 2003, we are proud of the ultra-powerful centre motor we have deployed on the connected models in our range. The NEOASSIST 2 mid-engine results from a co-development carried out by our design office and our expert engine supplier. It offers a natural pedalling feel and automatically turns on when you pedal. The assistance is initiated by a torque sensor that cuts off the power to the motor when the bottom bracket stops turning. Beyond 25 km/h the assistance switches off automatically. This engine has an excellent engine torque of 80Nm, an undeniable asset in the comfort of riding the bike! Although the engine torque is higher than most bikes on the market, our motor is tranquil. It is available in several models, from city to off-road!

Key features:
  • 250W, voltage 36V, torque of 80Nm
  • Six levels of assistance (including walking aid)
  • Flexible at startup
  • Low consumption, economical
  • Simple, easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Compact

A quiet, powerful and economical central engine with 6 levels of assistance.

The NEOASSIST 2 engine is present on five models in the range, from city to off-road. The urban electric bikes KALYSO 2 and ELAIA 2 are for use in the town and on the roads. The VTC ADONIS 2 and MOUNTAIN 2 are at ease on all streets, and the ENARA 2 electric mountain bike is for off-road and sportier use.

Cargo e-bikes

We have also developed an electric cargo bike to accompany you to do your shopping and deliveries. With its luggage rack at the front and large trunk (optional) at the back, it is ready to carry your bulky and heavy loads. Its particularly low stride allows you to go up and down with ease. It will be marketed from 2023.