Satisfy each of our customers and personalise

Our electric bikes are intended for individuals and professionals to whom we offer custom bikes. As with product development, we have always sought to innovate our distribution methods. We know how to provide a quality service to companies and local authorities looking for an efficient e-mobility solution for their activity, employees, and users. NEOMOUV has the know-how and flexibility to set up a fleet of customisable electric bikes according to the use and needs of our customers: colour, logo, and accessories. Our UNIBIKE assembler that paints and assembles to order is located in the "Bike Valley" south of Porto, ensuring significant reactivity with assured quality. Particular care is taken in finishing our bikes, especially in painting the frames with methods similar to those used in the car industry.

If you are a company or a community with a project related to e-mobility, contact us !

NEOMOUV X Des Artistes

For the 20th anniversary of NEOMOUV, great projects are coming! Our various artistic collaborations reflect our passion for colours and unique bikes. To celebrate the first anniversary of the all-suspension electric mountain bike BRICKS, NEOMOUV called on six artists from Street Art, who were given carte blanche to each paint a bike. In 2022, it is another artist Piotr who sublimated our ELAIA 2.
PHOTO of a BRICKS and ELAIA 2 Piotr