Our values

The whole team share common values that make the very essence of the "NEOMOUV spirit" at the service of our customers and for an active lifestyle respectful of the environment, all in colour!

Know-how, innovation

With our experience and our design office, we are constantly evolving in search of innovations for our bikes. Patent filings or co-developments, such as our NEOASSIST 2 engine and our French know-how, allow us to go further in our bikes' power and riding comfort. Over the years, we have created a network of professional partners who are always at the forefront of technology. Our renowned partners include Shimano, Tektro, Michelin, Mach 1, SR Suntour, Axa, Herrmans, and Vinka. Our bikes are painted and assembled in Portugal with ultra-modern manufacturing by our long-standing privileged partner, UNIBIKE, an expert in frame painting.

Pop and unique

At NEOMOUV, colour is our DNA. Over the years, we have innovated by using a wide range of shades in a cycle market that is usually very monochrome. Each season, we adapt our colours to the times by further asserting our trademark. Show your personality, and have fun by choosing the bike that suits you.

Bikes for all

Our passion for cycling and our desire to democratise its daily use push us to create bikes for everyone and all uses at affordable prices. Urban, folding, VTC and MTB, our four ranges are designed to be efficient whatever the terrain by providing maximum pleasure. We pride ourselves on our wide choice of frame shape, engine power, and battery capacity. This diversity allows us to accompany you equally to work, on vacation, on weekends or in the mountains. Our bikes are suitable for all adults regardless of size: we offer several frame and wheel sizes. Unique to our brand, we thought of XS sizes with our FACELIA, the 24-inch electric bike!

Quality and safety

Safety and quality are our priorities. Our bikes comply with EN15194 and are tested by approved laboratories. NEOMOUV is a member of the BNA (Bureau de Normalisation Automobile) standardisation committee and participates in the evolution of regulations. We are also a member of LEVA-EU (trade association for light electric vehicles) to promote sustainable mobility. All our bikes have a powerful and safe LED lighting system, most of them directly powered by the battery, to ride safely in all weathers.

Environment and CSR

The very essence of our activity at NEOMOUV is to develop soft mobility. We are attentive to our environmental impact. Our first challenge is to create sustainable bikes: their longevity is already recognised thanks to a significant stock of spare parts, new or reconditioned, on our La Flèche site, which allows our distributors to repair them. We also have partnerships with reconditioning experts. We have been pioneers in implementing the efficient and safe recycling of batteries and electrical and electronic waste from our bikes in collaboration with the organisations COREPILE and ECO-SYSTEMES. By giving a second life to equipment, we participate in respect of the environment and the preservation of natural resources. We are proud to be part of the cycle industry's commitment to sustainable packaging, and NEOMOUV was one of the first companies to sign this commitment. All our packaging will be reusable and recyclable by 2025. This position is also embodied by our historical assembler, which uses ecological paint.