Services for individuals

After-sales service at our authorised distributors

Our first challenge is to develop sustainable bikes. All our bikes are guaranteed for two years, and the frames are guaranteed for five years. Our network of authorised professional distributors provides maintenance and after-sales service for our brand, regardless of where you bought your bike. Our technicians in La Flèche accompany them in their diagnosis and repair. NEOMOUV has a large stock of spare parts, new or reconditioned, and provides its distributors with an efficient computerised system that makes it possible to follow the traceability of each bike and to know in real-time the stock of components. They are thus able to repair bicycles that are more than ten years old. We also have partnerships with reconditioning experts.

All information on our merchant website

On our website, you have manuals and certificates for the bikes and instructions for use. For better traceability of the guarantee of your NEOMOUV, remember to register it on our site . You also have real-time visibility of our stock of bikes in La Flèche and can buy directly from our authorised distributors or online. In this case, we offer a "Click to Store" in the store of your choice; indeed, we are careful to entrust the bike's handling to one of our cycle professionals. The latter will be able to advise you on the equipment and accessories corresponding to your needs and will, of course, be at your service for any subject related to preventive maintenance as curative of your bike.

Services and training for authorised distributors

Cycle shops were our first customers, and we grew with them! We have a network of distributors in France and Europe. We regularly offer them meetings and training on our products and the NEOMOUV universe, a privileged moment of exchange of experiences. Our sales team is also at their disposal in the field and by phone because contact is essential, and we have one message: TRY OUR BIKES! Professionals working with our company have an interface reserved for distributors to see our NEOMOUV models, know stocks in real-time, order bikes and spare parts and accessories, and exchange on the after-sales service.

Quality service for our e-bikes

Spare parts are available immediately

At NEOMOUV, we have a large stock of spare parts, new or reconditioned. They are thus able to repair bicycles that are more than ten years old. We provide our distributors with a dedicated and efficient platform of services that allows us to follow the traceability of each bike and to know in real-time the nomenclature of the components.

Detailed user manuals

When you buy an electric bike or any other product, it is nice to have clear, detailed, carefully written and illustrated user manuals! We have understood this and thus make available to all our customers the technical sheets, assembly instructions, and user guides of each electric bike, and this is in several languages.

Customer service based in France

If our site and our manuals do not answer your questions, our network of distributors is at your service to inform you! You can also email us via the contact form on our website.